Become a Member

Introducing a membership component to the Global Speaker Symposium (GSS) for both US conferences and global conferences can provide added value to your audience and contribute to the sustainability of your organization. Here’s a guide on how to implement a membership program:

Note: Memberships fees can be matched as part of Employers Matching Programs.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for those who qualify. 

Access to Community

As a member of GSS, you gain exclusive access to a vibrant and diverse community of professionals, thought leaders, and experts from various industries.

Access to Capital

GSS membership opens doors to financial opportunities and resources that can fuel your professional endeavors..

Access to Resources

GSS membership provides you with a wealth of resources essential for personal and professional development.

Membership Level


Access to select resources, newsletters, and exclusive content related to US conferences.

$ 420 Month
  • Complimentary Event Access to US Conferences
  • Exclusive Content
  • Priority Registration
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Includes domestic flight, hotel and conference fees


Enhanced benefits, including discounted or complimentary access to US conferences, early registration, and exclusive webinars.

$ 625 Month
  • Complimentary Access to US Conferences
  • Early Registration
  • Priority Registration
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Access to Select Resources
  • Exclusive Content Related to US Conference
  • Includes domestic flight, hotel and conference fees


Comprehensive access to all GSS resources, including global conferences, networking events, and international partnerships.

$ 995 Month
  • Comprehensive Access to All GSS Resources
  • Access to Global Conferences
  • Priority Registration
  • Networking Events
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • International Partnerships
  • Includes international flight, hotel and conference fees